Rose Bereiter
Beats Bikram & Baptiste Instructor

Rose began her journey with yoga in 2012, seeking a way to strengthen her body and create new flexibility and health within. She quickly fell in love with the sacredness she discovered on the mat, as well as the peace she was able to carry and apply throughout the rest of her life. 

Along with yoga, Rose is passionate about rock climbing, hiking, and spending time outside. She loves the connection she is able to find between yoga and nature, the ability to live in a more organic and healthful way. 

"Yoga changed my life from the very first practice. It taught me to love myself more fully, to recognize my inner strength, to overcome my doubts, and to learn patience through the process. When I began to study yoga, one of the things I found to be the most beautiful are the ethics and principles that yoga teaches. The Yamas and Niyamas, how we are taught to treat ourselves and others, are guidelines that I have always inherently believed, and wished to develop further. Kindness and love is the essence of life, and I truly hope to share and receive this light through my yoga journey. If there is one thing I wish to share with others, it is the joy that yoga has brought to me!”

Rose completed her 200 hr RYT in June of 2016, and she has been sharing this love for yoga, health, and happiness since then.