Raella Black
Baptiste Instructor

I took my first real yoga class in 2011 after I graduated high school to take on a new hobby. I remember not liking the class because the teacher had us doing headstands on the wall- I had no idea what a headstand even was! I left the class feeling discouraged and never took another class for a long time. 


After a few years I decided to give yoga another chance. I took a Power Yoga Hawaii class- the room was slightly heated, the instructor was knowledgeable and respected all levels. The class she led was powerful, but soft. I left with a new respect for this practice and an open mind. 


Flashing forward to 2015, I moved from Hawai’i to Spokane. With no friends or family near me, I needed to find somewhere I felt comfortable to continue my yoga practice and hopefully meet new incredible people. I found an amazing community in Yarrow. The staff is always encouraging and supportive, it is like a second family here. I was able to contribute to this space by doing front desk duties 2 years. I craved expansion in my practice so I did the 200 hour yoga certification that Yarrow offered.


My hopes for anyone taking my class is that they feel comfortable, strong and leave class with that incredible “yoga high” that I fell in love with after my first class at Yarrow. I want students to find comfort in the practice, a great workout and detox, and leave feeling refreshed and mindful.