Lindsey Hoover
Owner, Bikram & Baptiste Instructor

I began flirting with yoga back in 2005. The first class I took was for electoral college credit and I infrequently attended classes at various gyms. I was later involved in a serious car accident that left me in a lot of pain. Over the years I struggled  with debilitating muscular degeneration and inflammation in my cervical spine and mid/lower thoracic.  Soon the chronic migraines followed which impacted the quality of my life. I was attending physical therapy 3 times a week, chiropractor appointments and taking numerous pain medications.  My body was broken physically and my mind was constantly in a state of worry and doubt, trying to balance it all with a highly stressful sales job.  It was very hard emotionally to accept that I may never "feel good" again. I needed to re-build strength and began actively looking for alternative ways to heal. I started an at-home yoga practice, inspired by an amazing woman (yogi) online who had a similar story as mine. Slowly my recovery began, one posture at a time. I practiced every night for two months before I took my first professional class. Even the little amount of yoga then began to help me feel better physically. Mindful and curious about my alignment, as I did not want to "hurt" myself more by practicing postures "incorrectly," my attention turned to finding a studio. I had heard good things about “hot yoga”... thank you GOOGLE as I found Yarrow in the Spokane area. My first class was 6pm Baptiste, and in ONE class my life changed forever. 

It wasn’t easy. The first classes were of the hardest things I've ever done! (Right up there with having two children!) Like becoming a new parent, it get's easier with time and practice. Some days are harder than others, some are stronger, some are not.  It was intimidating to go to my first class alone, (assumptions of what yoga was about, before I had actually taken a class) I immediately found comfort in the diversity of students, ages, men and women, most of them more fit than me, that was humbling. I was working muscles I hadn’t used since my gymnastic days of years past. It took about 10 sessions before my soreness was at a minimum, and I realized my headaches were slowing. I was getting stronger. 3 months went by and my headaches were completely gone! I was off ALL pain medications and was released from physical therapy! I had discovered my old self, strong, confident and more notably, I was happier, and life's traumas seemed a little easier to handle. What I didn't expect from the yoga was the mental growth. The ability to balance life's expectations and to become more conscious and aware of my subconscious patterns developed greater emotional stability in my life. Yoga has allowed me to take on all of the hardships in a more calm, relaxed, poised, and less reactive manor.  

This brings me up-to-date here at Yarrow with you, our students, and the teachers I share this beautiful experience with on a daily basis. Today I own the studio and I couldn’t be more proud of what we are able to provide.