John Robideaux
Bikram Instructor

John is a native of Spokane. His wife, Lorrie, introduced him to Beth Galis eleven years ago. (Ms. Galis founded Yarrow back in 2010) She invited the Robideauxs to be among her first students of a new practice she was creating featuring Bikram Hot Yoga in Spokane. Both John and Lorrie attended hot yoga sessions in her home outfitted with 2 floor heaters and a room temperature that topped out at 90 degrees. John said it was the most odd experience he ever participated in, but there was something intriguing about his exposure to his first yoga session. “I was drawn to it, moth to flame so-to-speak,” he told me. Nothing would have it, but John eventually became hooked, and because of his Marketing background he would eventually help Beth create her first Business Plan, which included the studio where we practice today!

“Yoga has been the most satisfying, rewarding, and challenging experience of my life. I have had the privilege of sailing the ocean as captain at the helm, flown general aviation, Cessna aircraft, and walked Italian hillsides overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, and the satisfaction I’ve felt in those experiences compares with 90 minutes of yoga. I know that my health has remained strong because of my yoga practice. Yoga is an important part of my life and it gives me great pleasure to share it with others.

Twelve years later, John has now evolved into a full-time teaching position. He covers most of the early morning 6am classes and has steadily been developing his teaching style having retired from his Marketing business after 30 plus years.