How often should I attend class?

As often as your schedule allows!  You can practice every day, even multiple times per day!  For best results, and continuous health benefit, we encourage a regular practice of at least 3 sessions per week. 

What should I bring to class?

Bring a water bottle, a bath towel to dry off after, a change of clothes and your mat. Don't have a mat or towel? We have both available for rent ($3 each) at the front desk. 

Are there beginner classes?

Bikram and Baptiste and YIN classes include all levels.  As a beginner, you simply do each posture to your comfort level.  The BEATS classes are for intermediate and experienced students who know how to move in and out of postures on their own. If you feel comfortable in the series, try BEATS! You'll LOVE it!


What do I wear to hot yoga?

We suggest shorts and a tank top or sports bra.  But wear whatever you feel comfortable in, knowing that it’s a hot room.

Is there any place to change
my clothes?

Yes!  In fact, there are 2 fabulously beautiful changing rooms, with showers.  We lock up once class starts, so your possessions are safe. The studio is open 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after class. You'll have plenty of time to get ready and clean up.

Am I too big, too old, not flexible enough, too out of shape and too uncoordinated to take class?

No, you are in the right place. Everyone starts somewhere! If you have issues about you that are challenging, come take class.  Hold yourself compassionately, listen to the instruction, and reap the benefits of your hard work. Yarrow is a safe place for everyone!

When is the studio open?

The studio is open 30minutes before and after each scheduled class.  For safety purposes, we lock the doors during class. We recommend you download the MindBody app (from any wireless device) or use to view our current schedule. We ask that you pre register for class online as class sizes are limited. 


I can't make my class.

You will need to cancel your class reservation at least 1 hour before class start time or you will be charged for the class. Because class size is limited, we must enforce this policy to ensure all students have an opportunity to attend. 

I’m pregnant - can I practice?

Only if you’ve practiced hot yoga prior to being pregnant.  You want to be sure that you’ve acclimated to the heat. Many students and teachers have practiced during pregnancy right up to birth! Talk to your physician if you have any concerns. 


Do you offer kids classes?

We are excited about providing TinyToes Yoga for Kids classes in the near future.  Please e-mail if you are interested. We do offer Kids Yoga Birthday parties on the weekends. Click the link above to or just email us to inquire.


How old do I need to be to
practice hot yoga?

Puberty.  The development of sweat glands is necessary to naturally cool down the body. 

My Friends said that they felt sick and dizzy during their first class - is this normal or healthy?

Yes and yes.  It is normal to feel dizzy and nauseous at first.  You are always safe in the studio.  We suggest that you take as many breaks as you need. Your only goal is to stay in the room and adjust to the heat. It takes 5-10 classes for your body to acclimate, don't give up after the first class! You will experience notable differences in your body (and mind) by the second class!