Ellen McCoy
Bikram Instructor

Students attending one of Ellen’s sessions are in for a treat. She not only has a beautiful way of delivering the poses, she does it with her engaging European accent. A physical therapist recommended she consider yoga after reoccurring injuries from marathon training prevented Ellen from running marathons.  She studied her options and in March of 2013 Ellen walked through the door at Yarrow. “At first I thought, these people are crazy.” It didn’t take long, however, and Ellen was hooked. She kept coming  back because the injury she was suffering from, plantar fasciitis, slowly began to improve.


She was finally ready to try some new form of exercise and move on from running. “Over time I became more calm, there was a peace that came over me and I increased the number of classes I was taking each week. One instructor, Ara, was a guiding light for me. I became more patient, little things that used to bother me no longer deserved my attention. I was into the physical, mental and welcoming the spiritual relief that yoga was providing. When I was asked if I would ever consider teaching, I jumped at the opportunity. That was August of 2013. The training was relentless, but it too, made me stronger.


Now I share the wonder of yoga I’ve come to realize and enjoy watching as students go through their transitions.” Ellen is very strong in mind, body and spirit. To prove the point, she was able to continue teaching while going through a full 9 month pregnancy. Come and enjoy one of Ellen’s classes, it just might change your life - forever.