Andrew Petrillo
Baptiste Instructor

Andrew is one of our most passionate teachers and you are guaranteed to enjoy a good laugh during his inspiring Baptiste yoga classes! After years of playing soccer, Andrew developed a back injury, which directly  affected his playing. Thankfully, his mother, also a yoga instructor, prompted him to attend her classes for a few weeks as an alternative method of healing. Once he started he couldn’t stop, and over time his back injury improved.


Not only did yoga heal his physical injury, it awakened his consciousness. “I knew yoga was special because my mind was clear and I felt empowered.” In 2016, Andrew had an opportunity to travel to Kenya, Africa. The purpose of the trip was to take the practice of yoga into the slums and orphanages in that area. The experience was life changing for him and for the people. He witnessed raw transformation as his students went through the foundational yoga poses. The Africa Yoga Project also changed him. ”They pulled energy, compassion and power out of me, which made me stronger,” he explained.


He recently graduated from Gonzaga University with an engineering degree and he is currently pursuing his two other passions next to yoga: rock-climbing & traveling.


Andrew is LOVED by our yoga community and he is here to share the power of yoga and what it can do for you.